Terms & Conditions


The purchaser agrees to accept these terms and conditions by placing his/her order.

Payment Terms

All orders require payment before shipping.

Freight and Insurance

All freight charges (including freight charges involved in warranty claims) are the responsibility of the customer. Burton Didj does not accept any responsibility for goods lost or damaged in transit.

An additional charge of 3% of the total price of didjeridu for extra insurance coverage is optional.

Freight charges quoted are for within Australia and International 3-6 day delivery.

Customs Duty

Customs (importation duty) laws and the application of these regulationsvaries widely from country to country. Burton Didj does not accept responsibility for payment of customs duty should it be levied in the customer's country.

If applicable, the customer is fully responsible for payment of locally imposed importation duty.


All prices quoted are in Australian dollars. Overseas orders by will use the exchange rate on the day they are charged, which might vary from the exchange rate on the day of order.

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