Australian Bush Fire Auction-2009


On the 7th of February 2009 the Gippsalnd Region in Victoria Australia were ravaged by Bush Fires that destroyed pets, stock and wildlife, forests, farm land and homes also many lives were lost.

The Ebay Auction was a great success with the winning bidder from California USA at $1625 . The proceeds were donated to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund and Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Orgainsation.

Xavier Rudd Autographed Burton Yirdaki Auction

Xavier Rudd





Horn: F#
Length: 147.5cm
Mouthpiece Diameter:

60 x 70mm Natural

30 X 35 Waxed

Bell Diameter: 12cm
Weight: 5.5kg
Timber Type & Origin: Woolly Butt (Eucalyptus Miniota) Northern Territory Australia
Description: What a ray of light! Extra picture included small patch has been made and other photos can be sent prior to purchase. this has no affect on the playing capabilities. I hide nothing!
Playing Ability:

Excellent, great for a beginner through to Advanced. Bright sharp vocals.

Sheepskin carry case

The Autographed Burton Yirdaki also came with a Custom Made Australian Sheepskin Carry Case.

The funds for the Carry Case were generously donated by Gerry Gordon from Canada. A very generous donation from a great customer and friend of Burton Didj's.

Thanks heaps Gerry!

Gerry Gordon

Thank you for supporting Burton Didj and the Australian people.

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