Sheepskin Carry Case

The Carry Cases have evolved through many prototypes of design, to finally become what I believe to be a superior piece of craftsmanship to compliment the qualities that are present in every Burton Yirdaki.

High Quality Australian Sheepskins are used to create the carry case which are Custom Made to fit like a glove to every Didjeridu by a professional local expert leather worker Georgie Miller.

There is a one to two week waiting period for a Custom Made Australian Sheepskin Carry Case.

Sheepskin Reinforced Handle
The inside of the carry case is the natural fleece which acts as a polish and protection for the instrument every time it is taken in and out.
All stitching is by hand (not machine) using cross stitched with waxed braided thread.
Treated and tanned Pig skin end with treated and tanned Kangaroo lace.
Reinforced treated and tanned Kangaroo skin leather reinforced handle ends with treated and tanned Kangaroo lace leather.
Treated and tanned Cow hide leather/Sheepskin lined Strap, for strength and comfort.
Australian Sheepskin Busking/Protection playing pad in the map of Australia
Water and Stain Resistant silicon Protective coating applied.
Customs clearance letter for exportation of Carry Case.
Georgie is happy to take email orders ( for any kind of leather work including Kangaroo Skin Wallets, Belts, Diaries and Sheepskin Hats.
Sheepskin Carry Case

Priceless Protection!

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