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Garth Stone from Melbourne, Australia purchased a Burton C# Horn F



I recently purchased my first Burton Yidaki’s that was a C# called the Majestic.

The Majestic is stylish Yidaki that offers amazing resonance and clarity with an overall perfect shape that makes me wonder if I could ever buy a Yidaki from anywhere else that would hold such a powerful vibration that this instrument holds.

The main use for my Majestic is to assist my other instruments in large group sound meditations, so the quality of sound is highly important and to use such a well loved and crafted Yidaki in my performance has taken the meditation experience to a new level for myself and for the listener.

I highly recommend that you purchase any of Nathan’s Yidaki's and also invest in a high quality custom made sheepskin carry case, like the Burton Yidaki’s these protective cases also tell a story of quality craftsmanship that only complement the entire Burton experience.

Thanks for my awesome instrument Nathan I look forward to purchasing many more in the future and I will be sure to spread the word of Burton Didj.


garth-C sharp



Perry Fuller from NSW Australia purchased a Burton C# Horn F #


Gd' day, firstly I want to acknowledge my ancestors and elders.

Since receiving my Burton yirdaki I instantly connected with it. I find my playing has now gone to another level. The back pressure in the stick makes it easier to play and control the high and low notes. It has a strong bassiness sound. While playing the low notes you don't lose clarity and I believe it's due to the craftsmanship of Nathan Burton.

When you hear the playing you instantly connect it with traditional sounds of Australia.

I own two other yirdaki's that I have played for the last two years. These sticks are a pleasure to play and they were the beginning to what I believe was the start of my own journey.

On my journey I hope to reach young indigenous youth to encourage them to continue the traditional playing of the yirdaki and to also acknowledge some of the craftsman that create these deadly yirdaki's who are Djalu Gurruwiwi, David Blanasi and Nathan Burton.

When purchasing my own yirdaki I personally got to meet Nathan who is a very humble, warm natured, family man. While there I had the pleasure to witness the creation of some of the yirdaki's that were being hand crafted.

Through my journey, I know our paths will cross again and I am sure I will purchase another deadly stick

Play hard, play strong brothers.






Gary from USA purchased a Burton C# Horn G/G#

I got the didge on Thursday last week (really quick). I always keep a didge at work so I can play a little before my co-workers start work (6-7 in the morning). I keep my new didj at work now. Its drone is so addictive, its hard to put down! Awesome!

(I've seen a lot of didjs but I hadn't seen any that are finished like yours!) It's a great morning chill-out didj, but I can also get air moving pretty fast through it too. Thanks for the bag and tanktop.

Thanks again for another great didj

Crazy C Rhythms

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